I’m always looking for a new subscription box to try out. I like to try new ones occasionally and jumping back and forth. But, what makes a really good subscription box for me? Loot Crate, the subscription service for geeks and gamers, is asking fans to build their Dream Crate! And maybe your little nerd dreams will come true!

Image result for beauty and the beast gif 2017

The live action Beauty and the Beast movie has been all the rage lately and so I would like to see a crate inspired by the live action movie starring Emma Watson. Beauty and the Beast has always been close to my heart ever since my childhood. Seriously, I wore my Belle dress and glass shoes from the Disney store whenever I got the chance.

Here’s what would be in my Dream Crate…


  • A Beauty and the Beast themed Funko Pop because they’re so gorgeous! They even have Belle in her Winter dress, coming  soon!

  • I love collecting mugs, I have the Chip mug from Beauty and the Beast that I got last Christmas from my boyfriend! I love DIY mugs even more because I love supporting artists and creators. This mug is from Disney Mugs Monthly.

Beauty and the Beast Mug GIF

  • Candles are my next favorite thing to receive! I love having bookish candles to light up my room! These are from Anthology Candles on Etsy. Belle's Library Candle - Anthology Candles, Disney Candles, Scented Soy Candle, 8 oz Jar
  • I like getting things I can actually use in subscription boxes, so I’d enjoy getting a set of towels! They’re useful and cute!
  • As I mentioned, useful things are my favorite when it comes to subscription boxes and I saw this wallet and thought, of course I’d like to get a wallet!

What would your dream crate be? Link it below in the comments, I’d love to see your creations !

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