It’s National Ugly Sweater DAY!! And it’s just perfect to do the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book Tag created by Angela @ Angie’s Epic Reads.


  1. It’s time for your annual Ugly Sweater party! Choose five characters to invite. Lara Jean Covey, Peter Kavinsky ;), Simon Spier & Lily Abbott. 
  2. Your guests are on their way over. What book are you likely to gift this holiday season? I already gifted this and it’s my favorite of the year! Everyone needs to read it!22692740
  3. Someone spiked your punch. Choose a book that gave you a book hangover. I tried to get into two books after reading this and I PHYSICALLY CAN’T! So, I’m currently reading The Distance Between Us by Kasie West. IT’S SO GOOD!! 25486998
  4. You must prevent coaster stains from your awesome coffee table! Choose a book you really don’t care if it gets used as a coaster. This was an “eh” sequel and I wouldn’t mind it resting as a coaster :p23492671
  5. The guests are hungry! Pick a book/world whose food you would serve your guests. This is so obvious, Harry Potter of course! I’d love to have Christmas dinner there. Image result for harry potter gif feast
  6. It’s time for presents. Choose a book you are most excited about getting this Christmas. I helped my mom order this, so I know I got it haha. I’m so excited!! Image result for hamilton the revolution
  7. Things start getting out of hand and suddenly your books are EVERYWHERE! Choose a book/series you would save AT ALL COSTS! I have to save my babies! 9781442426702_p0_v5_s260x420
  8. After a long night, you need to unwind with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. What book calms you down?  Kasie West is my new author obsession, so she’s been my go-to read. But basically, any quick and cute contemporary! 

Now, I leave you with this gif of Harry Styles wearing a Christmas sweater. You’re welcome. Image result for ugly christmas sweater gif



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