It’s here! I’ve finally compiled my list of favorite books I’ve read in 2016. Some of these are 2016 releases and some are not. I tried to do a 16 books list and honestly, I didn’t read 16 great books. This list is counts down from ten, number one is my most favorite book of 2016.  If you want to see the books I disliked from 2016, click here.

1244857720. TRUE LETTERS FROM A FICTIONAL LIFE BY KENNETH LOGAN – I loved this book. Becky Albertalli recommended it on Twitter and I trust her with book opinions since Simon is one of my favorite books!

To sum it up, this book is a LGBTQIA+ twist of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han and that’s what sold me on this book. It’s a great coming of age story set in Vermont with NHL references therefore, it’s my favorite.


9.  EVERY LAST WORD BY TAMARA IRELAND STONE – I read this in January 2016 and it stuck with me throughout the whole year. The main character, Sam has Purely Obsessional OCD but has trouble just telling her group of friends due to the fear of judgement. Sam meets Caroline and is introduced to Poet’s Corner and it changes her life, poetry becomes a part of her life especially since you’re not judged. There’s also a cute romance and Sam is a swimmer! Highly recommend, it’s so good it couldn’t not be on my list!

8. ZAC & MIA BY A.J. BETTS – I read this book after Every Last Word and it’s a book I’ll be recommending a lot. Zac and Mia follows two Australian teens going into remission from cancer. It really dives into the emotions the characters go through. See my review for more.


7.  DREAMOLOGY BY LUCY KEATING – Ahhh, I loved this so much that I could shout it from the rooftops!! It’s such an interesting concept and I loved the flow and the characters in this story! Alice has been dreaming of Max ever since she was young. When Alice enters her new school, Max appears in her class. Throughout the story, Max and Alice are trying to figure out what is reality versus a dream and they’re trying to figure out why they dreamt of each other. See my review for more.


6.  THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR BY NICOLA YOON – I recently finished this in December and quite frankly I wasn’t sure what the hype was about. I was feeling “meh” the whole time and THEN THE ENDING KILLED ME. The ending really bumped the book to 5 stars no doubt about it. Ugh, it was so good. Nicola Yoon, you did it again.


5. P.S. I LIKE YOU BY KASIE WEST – I discovered Kasie West in December and I have officially finished reading all of her Contemporary books. This one started my Kasie West binge and it will always be close to my heart! Nonetheless, I loved this book. I liked Lily she was super relatable and I loved her dysfunctional family that has a blindfolded pumpkin pie eating contest. And I loved Lily’s personality and how she would get giddy about her pen pal!


4. NOT IF I SEE YOU FIRST BY ERIC LINDSTROM – This is a 2015 debut about a girl named Parker who is blind due to an accident involving her mother. Parker is a character I needed to experience and I loved her so much. She didn’t take pity from anyone and she just wanted to be a normal girl. This book also doesn’t focus on romance and you see how Parker likes boys for themselves and not their looks. See my review for more!26109391

3. HIGHLY ILLOGICAL BEHAVIOR BY JOHN COREY WHALEY – John Corey Whaley is one of my favorite authors and I couldn’t wait to get into this book. Once I did, I was obsessed and couldn’t put it down. This was also the second book I gave a five-star in 2016. I loved Solomon’s character, like I’d be his friend and I loved his relationship with his grandma! See my review for more.

2. BEEN HERE ALL ALONG BY SANDY HALL – Of course my list wouldn’t be complete without a Sandy Hall book and this was so good I had to put in on here. I was lucky to have an Advanced Readers Copy of this book thanks to Swoon Reads! Been Here All Along follows Kyle who is bi-sexual and open to his family and close friends, he’s about to tell his girlfriend Ruby. Gideon is exploring his sexuality as he believes he could have feelings for Kyle. It was cute and perfect and I love how Sandy Hall doesn’t just focus on the romantic feelings she also puts serious topics in her book such as a learning disability, losing a job and life after college. My full review.

226927401. SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN BY JEFF GARVIN – And last… my favorite book of the year is not surprising! I loved SOBH so much, it was a book I simply could not put down. I just read it and read it and read it. I haven’t felt that way with a book in a while. I loved the LGBTQIA+ aspects of this book, not only do we know about Riley being gender fluid we also see other sides of LGBTQIA+ characters and how they live their lives. I could go on and on about this book, it was so great and I hope everyone who hasn’t read it will go pick it up.

Those are my favorite books of 2016! What was your favorite book of 2016 or if you have a  post , link it!




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