Top Five Bookish Resolutions 2017



  1. I want to have zero library fines

    – Yes, I get library fines…Usually they’re a low amount and once it was $32.

  2. Read More Audiobooks

    – I really like audiobooks, I just don’t give myself enough time for them and I want to do that more this year.

  3. Reach 1k on Instagram and Twitter

    This is just a personal goal for me. I’m close to 1k on Twitter and I’ve been more active on Instagram since last year.

  4.  Read my bookshelf. –

    I have acquired so many books in the past two years and they just collect dust on my shelves! I always say “yeah, I’ll get to them”…but do I really?

  5. Read 3 ARCS and request one.

    I am so behind when I get ARCs to review, it’s sad. Last year was my worst year for reviewing. I feel so grateful to obtain these books to review them and I feel bad when I don’t make a goal to get to them. So, my strategy is simple: read three ARCS and then I can request one. It will definitely help me out!

Do you have any resolutions for 2017?


5 thoughts on “Top Five Bookish Resolutions 2017

  1. If you’re trying to get more into audiobooks, I’m a big fan of Hoopla. It’s like an app connected to your public library that lets you check out audiobooks! It’s super convenient and you never have to worry about late fees either! I had Audible for a while but didn’t feel like it was worth it.

    Not sure if it’s available for every public library, but worth checking out!


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