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I’m the book lover who is subscribed to a bunch of book deal emails and is always finding cheap books for my Kindle most of the time but Amazon in general has physical book deals as well. I just recently bought and read All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven for FOUR DOLLARS. What a steal, it was paperback by the way. Anyway, I get this question occasionally: how do you buy your books? So, here…I’ll tell you my secrets!



Goodreads just added Young Adult books to their Deals subscription. It’s a free email subscription and you can check the genre you would like to get deals from. I really love this because it shows popular Young Adult books that I may want to pick up. This applies to every e-reader platform: Kobo, iBooks, Kindle, Nook and Google Play.


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This is one that I use frequently and I have gotten e-books off of here. This is the same, an e-mail based book deals. Go to the BookBub website and enter your email, fill it out and you’re set! Beside the email, you can also go to the website and browse! These are usually from Amazon but they should apply to every e-reader platform.


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Book Riot does a post every day that will be sent to your email with a list of books and how much they are. Here is the post for today Jan. 31st.


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On the Amazon Books Deals, you can find cheap books for under $5-$20. You can also filter the genre and see Teens & Young Adult or even get cheap Kindle deals!

Book Outlet / Book Depository 

Book Outlet is my favorite website. I always order because they are usually doing a sale and have popular books relatively cheap!  However, they do have expensive shipping prices if you’re out of the US. An alternative is Book Depository which has free Worldwide shipping and prices that are reasonable – plus if you want a UK edition of a book that’s your place!

 I hope this post helped you find some cheap deals for books and new book email subscriptions!

Where do you usually buy books in the store or online?


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