Five Underrated Contemporary Books To Read This Spring!


Spring is here! Here in Philadelphia, I’m still waiting for spring to fully arrive! It’s peaking but not quite here yet. Spring is the season for Contemporaries…the weather is getting nice and everyone just wants to read a cute Contemporary romance. My primary genre to read is Contemporary and so I am going to recommend you all some Contemporaries to read this spring season!


Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall is a summer romance that also deals with other serious topics. Jane, a Doctor Who lover and fanfiction writer, gets a summer job babysitting the little girls down the street from her. She meets Teo, the girl’s brother who is lifeguarding. Teo is also on a mission to find his birth father.

Teo is Puerto Rican and his mother has been hiding his father from him. A road trip ensues in this book. I just love it! It will definitely get you ready for summer.

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This book is so underrated and I had the pleasure of reading it in January. I loved it so much and I devoured it. Jessie is starting at a new school after her dad unexpectedly gets re-married and she is forced to move from Chicago to Los Angeles.

When Jessie starts at this new school, she receives a message from SN (Somebody Nobody) a student at her new school and they help Jessie through her first semester at school. Jessie loves Young Adult books and she ends up working in a bookstore. This is a great bookish read and will keep you guessing until the end! ~ my review ~


This is one of my favorite Kasie West books.  Lily is passionate about her music and writing songs in a journal that she won’t let anyone read. She also likes to sew when she isn’t tending to her little brothers every need or helping her family out. (I really liked that Lily had multiple hobbies other than her music). She writes song lyrics on her science desk and the next day, someone has continued. This starts an anonymous pen pal for Lily. I loved this book especially the dysfunctional family aspect.


Dreamology is a fun, magical realism-esque read! Alice has been dreaming of this boy, Max since she was young. One day, she walks into her Psychology class and Max is there, sitting in a seat. Alice thinks she’s going crazy, but she and Max end up becoming friends and trying to fix the void between dreams and reality. As well as trying to figure out why they are in each other’s dreams. See my review !


If you want another road trip-like book, In Real Life by Jessica Love is a great one. Hannah and Nick have been online friends for 4 years. They have video chatted, texted, and talked on the phone. They have the best friendship anyone could ask for.

But, trying to meet each other IRL has been rough. They tried once before but that didn’t work out due to Hannah’s strict parents.

Hannah decides to surprise Nick on a whim during spring break to see his hand perform at House of Blues in Vegas. Hannah learns some secrets that Nick has been hiding from her.

If you have an internet friend, this book will be very relatable! It’s a very cute read and takes you around Las Vegas for the night!  There is also diversity in this book, Hannah is Korean and her best friend, Lo is Mexican.

I hope these books got you in the Spring mood!

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2 thoughts on “Five Underrated Contemporary Books To Read This Spring!

  1. This was such a perfect list! I absolutely loved P.S. I like you and Kasie West is just the best author for contemporary novels! I was also super obsessed with In Real Life when I first read it and the same online friendship thing was in Tell Me Three Things. Those books were just adorable, and perfect ❤
    The only book from your list that I haven’t read is dreamology but it looks pretty sweet so I might have to look into that! Where we live it’s actually Autumn and going into Winter soon – but let’s hope they’re just as good for the cold weather 🙂

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