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Topic: Summer Reads

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  1. Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall- This book is set in the summer, features a mini-road trip and a summer romance. Jane lands a summer babysitting job for her neighbors which entails babysitting three young girls for the summer. She happens to know their brother, Teo and with her around the house constantly, they spark up some feelings for each other. Teo is on a mission to find his biological father who his mother has hidden from him for years. There is also a bisexual side character.


2. On the Fence by Kasie West – This is actually my least favorite Kasie West book but I would recommend it for the summer setting & romance. Charlie gets a driving ticket that she has to pay when her father tells her he’s done paying them. Charlie has grown up with her brothers therefore there’s not many fashion bones in her body. She decides to get a job at a boutique and she learns fashion and makeup skills. She also falls for her neighbor and her brother’s friend, Braden who she has late night fence talks with.

If you’ve read THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US by Kasie West, I would recommend this as a the companion since it’s set in the same world.


3. In Real Life by Jessica Love  Road trips scream summer for me! I always like to read roadtrip books in the summer time. This is a good one. Hannah is destined to meet her internet friend, Nick who she constantly texts and video chats with. On spring break, Hannah, her sister Grace and her friend Lo set out to surprise Nick at his band’s show in Las Vegas. They have a fun night in Vegas and Hannah finds out what Nick has been hiding from her.


4. The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider – This is one of my favorite books! It’s a great summery Coming of Age novel, though it’s still set during the school year and toward prom season, I still recommend it! We follow Ezra after his car accident which shattered his knee and he realizes he can’t play tennis anymore. He sees that his friends aren’t his friends anymore and he starts to spend time with his old friend, Toby. A romance also develops!



5. Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen – This is the only Sarah Dessen I’ve read but…I plan to read more of her books this summer! This is a great book about friendship and seeing who your real friends are. Colie has been bullied her whole life for her weight and appearance. Her mother is a famous personal trainer and goes on tour, leaving Colie in Colby, North Carolina for the summer with her aunt. Colie learns to enjoy her summer by spending most of her time at Last Chance cafe where Isabel and Morgan work, two girls she befriends.



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