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Better late than never, June was Pride Month for the LGBTQPIA+ community. I love reading about characters in this community to better my knowledge. In June, I read LGBTQIAP+ characters and I found some new favorites. In this post, I will be recommending some of my favorites that I’ve read! I have this same post from last year, if you want more recommendations!



Coffee Boy by Austin Chant #ownvoices — This is a short story about a transgender man and how he is treated in the workplace. There also includes a bisexual man and a work romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the rep!

If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo #ownvoices — Amanda is moving in with her father after a series of events that occurred at her old school. This story shows a lighter version of a teenage transgender girl. Amanda gains a great friend group, and a romance ensues with a football player. However, we do see how Amanda is treated for being transgender and it’s not pretty.

The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson —  This story follows two boys, David and Leo. David is not open about being transgender and has yet to tell his parents. However, his friends are the only ones who know. When another boy, Leo moves to David’s school, David tries to befriend him and the story evolves from there. I absolutely loved this book!! For more, read my spoiler free review. 


True Letters From a Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan — This book is SO underrated. James is discovering his sexuality through his drunken talks with his best friend. He soon realizes that he has feelings for his best friend. James has a lot on his plate especially trying to make ends meet with his girlfriend. James writes fictional letters as if he was out to his family and friends, one day they disappear and he has to figure out who has them. This is a great story about a teen in Vermont coming to terms with his sexuality. Also, a cute m/m romance & hockey references!!

Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall — Kyle and Gideon have been best friends since they were young. Kyle has been out to his family and to Gideon about his bisexuality, he’s finally ready to come out to his girlfriend Ruby. As for Gideon, he’s realizing he has feelings for Kyle. This book is a cute romance with some serious topics such as life after college & a parent losing their job. This story was inspired by the Taylor Swift fan made music video following two boys. Watch it here. 

Bisexual MC:


How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake #ownvoices — I recently read this book and I will be recommending it to everyone. Grace comes back from her trip to Boston to discover that yet again, her mother is moving in with another new guy. Grace’s mother is very toxic and struggles with an alcohol problem. But, to Grace she doesn’t know anything other than this life. Grace meets Eva, a girl who is living with Grace’s best friend Luca and his mother, Emmy after Eva’s mother, a friend of Emmy’s dies. Eva is a lesbian and Grace is bisexual, they develop a beautiful romance that includes eating peanut butter in a lighthouse. I loved this book and the representation is very accurate. Eva is also a biracial character and emphasizes on her struggle.

This book does include alcoholism {trigger warning}.


These are just a few of my favorites! I hope you’ll pick them up.

 Image result for gif pride flag tumblr


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