November Wrap Up + December TBR // sapphicathon, harry xmas to you

We have one more month left of 2017 and I cannot believe it! It’s really surreal. I wasn’t as active in November because school has been in overdrive. In today’s post, I will be wrapping up my November reading and sharing the books and readathon’s I’ll be partaking in for December.

For Read-O-Rama, I read the graphic novel, HONOR GIRL by Maggie Thrash. I loved it a whole lot. It’s a graphic memoir about Maggie Thrash and her summer at an all-girls summer camp. She explores her sexuality and it’s AMAZING!!! If you’re looking for a memoir about a lesbian, I highly recommend.

Next, I read for review, Loving Lakyn by Charlotte Reagan – this is a coming out story and m/m romance with trigger warnings for self-harm; specifically cutting, suicidal thoughts/attempt, and child abuse. I did enjoy it and I want to read Reagan’s debut novel, Just Juliet soon. See my review to find out more of my thoughts!

I also read some of the anthology, Meet Cute. I’ll include it in my End of the Year Wrap-Up because I’m 85% done.

Yep, that was my reading month and I am proud to have read anything during the crazy month of exams and having a paper to write.

This month, I will be participating in Harry Xmas to You – a Harry Potter read-a-long hosted by Maureen Keavy and other booktubers. I want to pick up GOF again. This is the next novel I need to read in the series but I want to try to read it on audio.

Next, from Dec 14-28th I will be participating in Sapphicathon. This is a bingo style readathon focused on F/F romances as the main focus of the book! They don’t get enough recognition and I can’t wait to spend the holiday season reading about cute f/f romances. Here is what I plan to read.  It’s being hosted by TashaAmelieEliseJamieson, and Miriam. You can find out more details here and follow @wlwreadathon on Twitter.


Bisexual MC and UNDER 500 RATINGS ON GR:  Bearly A Lady by Cassandra Klaw

SF/F: Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

Friends to Lovers: We are Okay by Nina LaCour 

MC Realises They’re Queer: Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

There you have it! December is going to be busy reading month, I’m excited to read new f/f romances 🙂

What are you looking forward to reading this month?


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  1. We Are Okay is one of favourites!! I really hope you enjoy it.. I also recommend Nina LaCour’s other book, ‘Everything Leads to You’, if you haven’t already read it. That’s my all time favourite contemporary.

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