Dear authors, publishers,or publicists, if you are requesting a book for me to read or promotion, please read my review and rating policy below.  I can be contacted at or the contact form below.

Please send review requests by email . I will accept mainly Young Adult, Contemporary,  LGBTQIA+, Adult Fiction, and Adult Chick-Lit. See my Goodreads for more preferences. I cannot guarantee that I will  be able to review all of them, solely because of time management but I will try. But, if I am interested in reading it, I will most likely read it faster. I will reply within 1-3 days.

ARCs in print copies and e-copy are accepted. They must be compatible with Kindle. I may not always accept every request! I am a full time college student and I work part-time. So, I ask for your patience! I may not get around to reading a book and reviewing it as quickly as possible.

How My Reviews Work: 

  • I will include my honest opinion on the characters, writing and plot line.
  • Most of my reviews are spoiler free. If it’s a popular book that I have a lot of feelings on I will post a spoiler review.
  • I will review on my blog and mention it on my  YouTube channel.
1/5 I did not enjoy the book or I didn’t finish it (+ reasoning)
2/5  It wasn’t my style or I had issues with it (+ reasoning)
3/5 It was okay.
4/5 It was good, had some flaws.
5/5 I loved this book!

Thank you,

Alyssa (PucksandPaperbacks)


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